FIBA Betting Update: Group E rivalries with one World Cup Ticket Left

FIBA Betting Update Group E rivalries with one World Cup Ticket Left

With big-time clashes and FIBA World Cup qualification clinched, Group E was exhausting for Asia basketball fans. Even so, there’s a lot to look forward to in this fifth window between these six teams.

The stars are still visible. Rivalries are escalating. And there is only one more World Cup qualification spot available. There’s a lot to look out for in the upcoming Group E games on November 11 and 13.

Here are the Group E standings heading into Window 5 of the Asian Qualifiers:

Group E

6/18 games were played

All first-round results are carried over to the second round.

00:00New Zealand*6601005703662049561*12*
2Lebanon* **65183.35034168783.869.3*11*
00:00Saudi Arabia**61516.7372467-956277.8*7*

*World Cup qualification. In order to classify teams uniformly, first-round games against the lowest-ranked team in Group C are excluded from Group E classification.

November 10, 2022

  • Jordan vs. Philippines – Amman, Jordan – 19:00 GMT +3
  • India vs. Saudi Arabia – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – 19:00 GMT +3
  • 21:00 GMT +3 – Lebanon vs. New Zealand – Lebanese Zouk Mikael

November 13, 2022

  • Jordan vs. New Zealand – Amman, Jordan – 19:00 GMT +3
  • Saudi Arabia vs. Philippines – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – 19:00 GMT +3
  • 21:00 GMT +3 – Lebanon vs. India – Lebanese Zouk Mikael

Three of the games in this window are highlighted as key games to watch, confirming how exciting the games should be in Group E.

This includes a barnburner between Jordan and the Philippines to kick off the action, a rivalry clash between Lebanon and New Zealand, and a quick Asia Cup 2022 bronze medal rematch between Jordan and New Zealand.

Both of Jordan’s games here are crucial, as they could take the final qualification spot in the group if all of the puzzle pieces fall into place.

The game between Saudi Arabia and India will also be crucial, as the loser may lose their chances of qualifying for the World Cup this cycle.

Watch This Star

Sotto Kai

Kai Sotto
  • Center
  • Height: 216 M / 7’1″
  • Asian Qualifiers stats: 13.0 points per game, 10.5 rebounds, and 3.0 blocks.

Because Jordan Clarkson is not in this window for the Philippines, there is room for someone to step in and pick up the momentum that Gilas established last window. There are numerous candidates, including Dwight Ramos, who has been outstanding from the start, but the spotlight should be on Kai Sotto.

For quite some time, the big man has been the top “prospect” in the Philippines, and it appears that it is finally time for him to post a signature game with the national team. There may appear to be a lot of pressure on the youngster, but he’s been used to carrying that weight on his shoulders since he was a teenager.

Important Prospect

Rissetto, Anzac

Rissetto, Anzac
  • Center
  • Height: 2.02 M / 6’8″
  • Stats for the Asian Qualifiers: N/A

Rissetto, a Tall Blacks debutant this Window, is a big man worth watching. The bruising big man may not be a star right away, but his size and physical style of play should fit in well with what coach Pero Cameron looks for in his players.

Rissetto comes from an athletic family, descended from New Zealand rugby royalty, and has played in both the NCAA Division 1 and the NBL in New Zealand and Australia. He could be a surprising piece in New Zealand’s game against another physical team in Jordan.

Here are the FIBA World Rankings and Asian rankings for Group E teams:

Current Points World Rank Country Asia Rank

24New Zealand3427.5
73Saudi Arabia13133.9

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