FIBA Basketball World Cup Best Betting Guide 2022

FIBA Basketball World Cup Best Betting Guide 2022

In August and September, the FIBA Basketball World Cup will be held in Spain. The event brings together 24 of the best basketball teams from around the world in a massive event. As the event’s cycle changes, this will be the last FIBA World Cup until 2019. This means that if you want to enjoy the FIBA World Cup and take advantage of the betting opportunities available, you should get involved as soon as possible.

FIBA Basketball World Cup Predictions for Free

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This is our FIBA World Cup betting guide for the 2022 tournament, which will be held in Spain.


A futures bet is one made on an outcome that will occur at a later date. This type of bet is typically placed on the eventual winner of a tournament, and FIBA World Cup bets focus on the tournament’s outright winner. When the official rosters are released, some sites may offer futures bets on MVP or leading points scorer, but the most common bet is on the tournament winner.

The 2022 FIBA World Cup Futures betting is already underway, with Bwin making the United States the overwhelming favorite, with odds of 1.30. Spain comes in second with odds of 3.50, followed by France with odds of 21.00. The betting community clearly believes that either the Americans or the Spaniards will win, but if you believe that there will be a massive upset, there is value to be found. If you believe in the greatest upset in basketball history, Bwin will give you odds of 4001.00 for Egypt or South Korea to win the event. Bwin also offers futures bets on individual group winners, so if you want to bet on a team to win their group, you can do so here.


The totals will be in place for the FIBA World Cup, which is a very popular bet in basketball. On-site, a point marker will be displayed, and you can bet on whether fewer or more points will be scored in a game. You win if you bet more and more points are scored. You lose your bet if you bet too much and fewer points are scored.

Iran will face Spain in the first round of the 2022 FIBA World Cup. If the point total is set at 152.5, you must wager on whether you believe Iran and Spain will score more or less than 152 points combined. This means that whether Spain won 153-0 or Iran won 77-76, both of these results would result in a total greater than 152 points. This means that a wager that exceeds the total wins, while a wager that falls short of the total loses.

When betting on the totals market, keep in mind that the total number of points scored, not the team that scores them, is what matters.

Spreads on points

You will notice that wagers involving point spreads consider the accuracy of the bet, not just who will win or lose. In games where a team is expected to win convincingly, such as the match between the United States and New Zealand on September 2nd, there is no value in betting on the United States, and New Zealand is extremely unlikely to win.

You can get better value by betting on the points spread. The bookmakers may offer odds of 1.90 for the USA to win with a -5.5 start. This means that in order for your bet to win, Team USA must win by a score of 6 points or more. It makes no difference what the overall score is, but to win this bet, the USA must score at least 6 more points than New Zealand. A points spread bet of this type is won whether the USA wins by 6 points or by 60 points; as long as they win by at least 6 points, the bet is won.

Similarly, odds of 1.90 are available for New Zealand to win with a +5.5 start. This means you’ll win your bet if New Zealand wins the game, ties the regulation game, or loses by 5 points or less. If the United States wins by a point, your points spread bet wins even if New Zealand loses.


Prop bets include any side bets or additional bets found in basketball. This is the type of bet for you if you want to bet on a team that is leading at halftime or on which player will score the most points in a game. Every game at the FIBA World Cup will have prop bets, and while you should approach these bets with caution, there will be plenty of opportunities to have more fun and excitement when you place these bets.

There will be plenty of FIBA World Cup bets to choose from

One thing to remember about the FIBA World Cup and all of the games is that big name players do not always have the big game attitude in games like this. Yes, you would think that representing your country in the World Cup would be the pinnacle of your career, but this is not the case for many players, particularly in the NBA.

This means you should approach certain over/under bets with caution, and prop bets that appear to be bankers on paper may not pan out on the court. While this may appear to be inconvenient, it should be viewed as an opportunity.

There is a chance for great value if you believe the favourites in the game or group will underestimate an opponent. A recent example can be found in the soccer World Cup in Brazil. Costa Rica was drawn in a group with Italy, England, and Uruguay, with most experts predicting that Costa Rica would finish last.

They won two matches and drew the other (after they had already qualified), proving that shocks and surprises do occur, especially in the group stages. If you can spot the big teams that aren’t fully focused or the smaller teams that are completely prepared to succeed at this summer’s premier basketball event, there is a genuine chance to getting some value when betting on the 2022 FIBA World Cup.

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